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Fiction and Essay Writer
Editor (available for copy-editing and content-editing work)

My official bio:

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee is the Fiction Editor at Kartika Review. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals and anthologies such as ZYZZYVA, Guernica, The Rumpus, Verbsap, Hyphen Magazine, Newport Review, Azalea, and Men Undressed: Women Authors Write About Male Sexual Experience. She was awarded a residency at Hedgebrook in 2006, and her stories have also placed in competitions by Poets and Writers Magazine’s Writers Exchange Contest, Glimmer Train, and others.

She earned her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and her MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College. She is working on a memoir and novel.

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My super-short bio:

Wants to be Gryffindor, but is really Hufflepuff.

My honest writer bio:

Christine works at a dining room table surrounded by piles of teaching materials and student papers that need constant grading and she writes with a needy geriatric wiener dog who smells like corn chip Fritos on her lap and another needy wiener dog with feral survival tendencies who is up to no good somewhere in the kitchen. She should be running and exercising, but instead she is baking cookies and eating them. By herself. In front of her laptop. Trying to revise her novel. She is very pale.

My honest mother-of-a-toddler bio:

My name is “Minion.” I am occasionally allowed to feed myself and write. For that I am grateful. Rarely am I allowed to sleep. I no longer bake cookies. I am still very pale.